UPDATE- June 17, 2020

We thank God that the time has finally come in which we are able to start gathering back in person!
For the past 12 weeks we have managed to gather on Zoom to continue being together for Sunday services. We are thankful for the patience, flexibility, and understanding you have shown as we have worked to follow government guidelines.

Transitioning to re-launch of services back in the building will look like this:
-Sunday, June 21, Transition Sunday- we will have designated volunteers and the Leadership Team in the building for Sunday service.
-Sunday, June 28, Transition Sunday- same as above, plus: Junior Church will re-start; families with children invited to join. (RSVP by June 25)
-Sunday, July 5, Re-Launch Sunday- all volunteers and leaders, plus the RSVP list.*

We have established Covid-19 guidelines for the protection of one another. Please assist us in following posted signs & information, as well as guidance from ushers.
For the time being, Zoom meetings remain an option for those who are not participating in person. In the future, we may switch to a different online streaming option.

*Due to the limit of how many people we can safely have in the building, we will be using a fair and strategic alphabetical plan to invite households to attend our services in person, from week to week. For more information on how you can join us in person or on Zoom, please contact us!

We look forward to the church being gathered together each Sunday!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 780-542-5091, or:

office@draytonvalleychurchofgod.com |  www.facebook.com/draytonvalleyCOG


If you would like to be added to our email communication list, please fill out the "contact us" section below, and indicate "communication" in the feedback section